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ImageMarco Arment, the developer of popular offline reading service and app Instapaper, has today released an update to the iOS app, bringing several bug fixes and restoring list viewing mode on the iPad version — the app is universal. Some of the other feature additions include a new setting that allows you to either enable or disable the back gestures that were added in version 4.1 of the app and better colors in night reading mode. Additionally, images in night reading mode are automatically dimmed a bit so you don’t get blinded by white or vivid colors. More information on this update after the break.


Instapaper 4.1.1 also includes opens articles much faster now and has some fancy animations to go along with it. Arment probably added these because Instapaper’s chief rival, Readability, has really polished their app with beautiful animations and gestures, making it dominant over Instapaper. However, for those who wish to maintain their allegiance with the original service, Instapaper has been receiving quite a few updates that make it more appealing to the user who loves good design and animations.

Here is the full list of changes in Instapaper 4.1.1:

– New setting: Select grid or list format (iPad)
– New setting: Enable/disable the new Back gestures from 4.1
– Dark-mode colors are now more legible on modern screens
– Images in Dark Mode are now dimmed so they don’t blind you (tap to brighten)
– Animations when opening and closing articles on iPad now slide, rather than fade, to match gestures
– Pagination is now faster, and a subtle animation on iPad indicates direction (like on iPhone)
– Opening articles is now faster
– Fixed Elena’s thin rendering of certain letters in landscape
– Fixed a frequent dark-mode crash on iPad
– Miscellaneous other minor fixe



> Vibrate motor
> Silent switch
> Camera flash

> Total of 5.0 mp. camera w/ Touch to Focus/Exposure + 1080p (full res 1920×1080) record
> Headphone port placement is now the same as the iPhone
> Mic now placed like it is on the iPhone
> Speaker now iPhone quality
> High-quality audio output through headphone jack
> Retina display
> 512 MB RAM
> Aluminum housing
> Higher quality glass + oleophobic coating
> Bigger battery

> Ear-speaker like on the iPhone, for use with skype?
> Proximity sensor (required for ear speaker.)
> GPS antenna?
> Digital Compass?

Here are the prices:

8 GB – Discontinued forever.
16 GB – $249
32 GB – $299
64 GB – $349 (Debating if this should even be included, 4 different memory models is kinda a bit much, and $299 for 64 GB would never happen, ESPECIALLY with all of the new features/changes.)
128 GB – $399

So, what do you think? The iPod touch has been getting features, but nearly all of them has been inferior to those added to the iPhone. I think it’s time for the iPod touch to be the same awesome.



Although two weeks have passed since the launch of the new iPad tablet and manyapplication developers have updated titles to take advantage of the new screen, hereFacebook has not done so but intends to do. In the App Store for the UK is an interestingbanner is launching a Facebook iPad will be compatible with the new Retina DisplayiPad 3. While the banner is listed, the application is not yet available in any App Storearound the globe but soon you will be able to download.

   Even if Facebook application for the iPad will bring very good graphics and can seevery clear pictures, the application is poorly designed company. Very many users have problems using versions for iPhone / iPad application and unfortunately people do nothing at Facebook to fix it but can this new iPad version 3 will solve everything.

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Hear, hear all hardcore fanboys, we have a special treat for you and want to know your take on it. Presenting the iPod Nano Touch Concept: Extended and Smarter! The concept includes juicy features like WiFi, front facing camera that enables Facetime calls, weather status, ability to record Nike+ exercise results, classic apps like time, music, radio, images & podcasts. Enrico explains, “this concept shows a bigger clip on the back side, a lower black part containing the WiFi antenna, central home button, side volume buttons and on/off top button, making this device really close to our everyday iPhone.”


That’s according to anonymous Apple employee rankings of their chief executives on job hunting and review site On the site, employees have given Cook a 97 percent approval rating between March 2011 to March 2012. That just beats out Jobs’ ranking of 95 percent, which was calculated with Apple employees rankings between March 2010 and March 2011.