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Chipworks today published their teardown of the 1080p Apple TV’s A5 chip and they have found that it’s been shrunk in size from 45 nm to just 32 nm. This is actually the same exact chip that’s in Apple’s iPhone 4S from last October, though its much smaller. It doesn’t make much sense for Apple to have such a small chip within their most inexpensive product though — even the new iPad’s A5X chip is 45 nm, so it’s unclear why they’d spend extra effort to make it smaller. It’s also important to note that this is the first iOS device Apple has used a 32 nm chip in.


The strangest thing that Chipworks found in their teardown was that the A5 chip is actually dual-core, even though Apple labeled it as single-core on the device’s technical specifications page. Sadly, the second core is disabled, meaning that there’s no way to get that extra power. Chipworks says that the reason for it being disabled could “Either Apple is only utilizing one core or they are binning parts.”

” The new A5 processor die is not a single core processor, but contains a dual core processor. Either Apple is only utilizing one core or they are binning parts. Parts binning is a common process in semiconductors where devices are segregated (binned) based on meeting a subset of the overall requirements, in this case they could disable the “bad” core, this increases the usable die per wafer, lowering the cost.


Steve Jobs was impatient, demanding and abrasive — but it was nothing a good nap couldn’t fix. That’s the takeaway from Tiny Tyrant, a major motion picture debuting Friday, which focuses on Steve Jobs’ early years.

Based on the bestseller, The Boy King: The Making of Steve Jobs by British author Regent Altschiller, this new Steve Jobs biopic zeroes in on the Apple founder’s formative years — when many of his world-changing behaviors were just taking shape. In the same way it was fun to see Darth Vader grow up in the Star Wars prequels, it’s easy to get drawn into this film.Steve’s ability to lead is established early in the film, during a play date with three other toddlers. His parents are delighted by his crayon drawings — but they fail to notice that he’s directed the other kids to do the work for him. Watching those kids fume as Steve basks in the limelight is pure cinematic delight.Encouraged by his parents to set up a lemonade stand on the front lawn, toddler Steve ends up creating a “walled garden” of lemonade stands throughout his neighborhood, taking a 30% cut of all sales.

But most of Tiny Tyrant’s action takes place in nursery school.

Here, little Steve perfects the ability to make other children cry, forcing them to do their finger-painting over and over again until it lives up to his standards.

He terrorizes his teacher, repeatedly telling her that she’s fired. And when she sends him to the nursery school owner to be disciplined, he ends up negotiating a better financial deal for his parents.

Most impressively, little Steve finds a way to poach the smart kids from the adjoining class, swapping them for several of the kids in his own class — the ones he calls “bozos.”It’s a joy to see a film that finally explores some new territory in the Steve Jobs saga. Thanks to great acting and writing, the young Steve comes across as a cute, fun, energetic kid — with just the right amount of The Omen mixed in.The movie is rated R, so don’t bring the kids. It contains sexuality (there’s one graphic diaper-changing scene) and “threatened violence.”Universal Studios sees gold in a series of Steve Jobs movies, and has already green-lighted a prequel to this prequel. The next film, yet untitled, will examine the even earlier life of Steve Jobs — including his conception, gestation and ultimate journey through the birth can

Alugraphics’ flexpad doesn’t compromise: this mouse pad’s elegant design and functionality form a unit that makes it an undeniable asset on every desk. The high-quality surface made from anodised aluminium is as hard as a saphire and minimises the friction between mouse and flexpad, thus ensuring optimal gliding properties. The special non-slip base on the bottom of the flexpad guarantees a maximum table grip, making the flexpad a stylish eye-catcher in every office.


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