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Lady Gaga reveals an unheard song at concert “Princess Die” an ode to the late Princess Diana.

Lady Gaga is on her “Born This Way Ball’ world tour right now, and has debuted brand-new song titled “Princess Die” that is D-I-E, at her show in Melbourne, Australia. The song is a tribute to the late Diana, Princess of Wales who was killed in a car crash at the premature age of 36 and stole the hearts of people around the world.

The song is a somber one, as Gaga warned fans before singing, “Ok his song is a little bit sad,” She went on to reveal, “And it’s in no way reflective of the rest of the music on the album, but it’s about some of the most deep and personal thoughts I’ve ever had.”

The song starts off, “Leave the coffin open when I go/ Leave my pearls and lipstick on so everybody knows/ Pretty will be the photograph I leave/Laying down on famous knives so everybody sees.”

Mother Monster said she is not sure if the song will make it on her upcoming album that she is currently working on while on tour. We will have to wait until September to find out.

After the song Gaga said, “What do you think is that ok?” Check out the video of Gaga performing the song, and let us know if you think it’s OK?

Lady Gaga singing “Princess Die”: v=1owb5Xf-tQY

No good deed goes unpunished for Mother Monster!

Last June, Lady Gaga was sued for allegedly over-charging for shipping on her “We Pray for Japan” wristbands sold through her website. The bracelets were being sold to raise money for victims of Japan’s devastating 2011 earthquake tsunami, and Gaga was hit with a $5 million dollar federal class action lawsuit. We are happy to report that the case has now been settled, and Gaga has agreed to donate $107,500 to people affected by the tragedy.

The bracelets were sold for $5 each and earned approximately $1.5 million, but many critics said shipping charges weren’t factored in and the promotion was misleading since the site said all proceeds would go directly to the relief efforts.

And even though Mother Monster’s team agreed to settle, she maintains their innocence in the case and continues to deny the suit had any merit. So once again, Gaga has taken the high-road and we applaud her.

Do you think Gaga was innocent? Did she do the right thing by settling the lawsuit?

The music video for Katy Perry’s latest hit ‘Wide Awake’ has arrived- in fairytale style!

We saw a teaser of Katy Perry’s new music video for ‘Wide Awake’ last week, hinting at a storybook fairytale, complete with a Prince Charming. And while none of the actual scenes seen in the teaser are in the actual video, we do get our fairytale- but in Katy Perry style. Her new music video for ‘Wide Awake’ is a self- reflecting autobiographical video, starring Katy alongside herself as a kid.

The video starts with Katy filming her ‘California Gurls’ video, and after finishing, heading to her dressing room to take off her pink wig and once she looks in the mirror the dark sets in. Katy now has her dark purple locks, dressed in a gothic Snow White outfit, and ‘Wide Awake’ begins. She belts the song, referencing the difficult process of letting go of a relationship, while the walls around her are caving in.

After Katy eats a forbidden strawberry and a star bursts from her chest, revealed is Katy as a child. The two, dressed in gold, are broken by paparazzi and we see little Katy pushing big Katy in a wheelchair in a mental hospital. Hinting that the fame has driven Katy mad.

Little Katy helps big Katy fight off two monsters in the hospital and they burst into a flower garden where big Katy punches Prince Charming in the face- and we’re wondering who that could be? The two Katy’s find the light, and big Katy is born again. Little Katy gives her a butterfly and then we are back in the dressing room, this time Katy is getting ready to perform her hit “Teenage Dream.”

This video is the final video from her Teenage Dream era, a farewell video that leaves the darkness behind. Her fairytale is now complete. Check out the video yourself, there is a link below, and tell us your interpretation of the video. We think it’s one of her best yet, and we can’t wait to see what era is next for Katy.

Watch Katy Perry “Wide Awake”:

Madonna gives us a taste of her upcoming music video for “Turn Up The Radio” shot in Italy!

As you may know Madonna is currently on the road for her MDNA World Tour right now, but she found some time to shoot a new much video for the third single off her latest album, “Turn Up The Radio”. We’ve been given a first glimpse at the video via footage shot by a fan and a tweet from her manager, Guy Oseary.

The pic tweeted by the pop queen’s manager shows Madge wearing a black cap, black gloves and black cleavage-baring leather top. She is sitting in a car full of outlandish dancers in Florence, Italy. The tweet read, “Video shoot right now in Florence ‘Turn Up The Radio’…”

Another sneak peek of the shoot is from a video clip seen on Italy’s Repubblica magazine site. We see Madge rocking an Adele-style bouffant hairstyle and cat-eye makeup combined with black dominatrixy clothing. According to the Italian press, Madonna shot some of the footage at an abandoned gas station in Mugello before shooting in Florence.

The Cadillac car scene seems appropriate since the lyrics of the song chant, “I just wanna get in my car, I wanna go fast and I gotta go far.”

I don’t know about you guys, but we can’t wait to see the full music video premiere. What do you think of Madonna’s look? Is it too much for a 53-year-old, or do you say go for it Madonna?

The 2012 MMVA’s rocked out in Toronto last night, and we’re recapping the epic performances! The 2012 MuchMusicVideo Awards were held in Toronto, Canada last night, and your favs were in attendance.

It really isn’t a 2012 award show if LMFAO isn’t in attendance, and the boys not only co-hosted the show but opened, performing “Party Rock Anthem”, “Champagne Showers,” and “Sexy and I Know It.” This time they were joined not only by the dancing zebra, but a neon pink teddy bear!

Immediately following LMFAO was Carly Rae Jepsen with “Call Me Maybe” sitting on a swing shaped like a telephone! We thought she sounded great as she jumped around the stage, ending her performance with a confetti rainstorm.

Selena Gomez was on hand to introduce Canada favorite, Marianas Trench, singing “Fallout”. Nelly Fertado graced the stage with “Big Hoops”, not actually wearing hoops, but neon yellow glowstick drop earrings! While introducing Ed Sheeran, Darrin Criss sang an acapella version of LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem”. Ed took the stage to sing his heartfelt single, “The A Team,” which we think was one of the best performances of the night.

Flo Rida pumped up the crowd with “Good Feeling” but one of the biggest surprises of the night was when Carly Rae Jepsen came out to sing Sia’s part in “Wild Ones” with Flo!

Canadian band, Hedley, performed “Kiss You Inside Out”, but not before wishing everyone “Happy Father’s Day”! Duets’ judge Kelly Clarkson took the stage to sing “Dark Side” and “Stronger”, with her new blonde locks.

And of course the two most anticipated performances of the night came last, Katy Perry singing “Wide Awake” where she sang from inside a cocoon and eventually burst out of it to reveal her butterfly wings, and a nude bodysuit. Arguably the best thing to come out of Canada, Justin Bieber closed the show with a medley of “All Around the World”, “Believe”, and finally, “Boyfriend.”

So now it’s your turn! Who do you think had the BEST performance of the night? Leave a comment, and check out the links!

Justin Bieber 2012 MMVA Performance:
Katy Perry “Wide Awake” 2012 MMVA Performance:
Flo Rida & Carly Rae Jepsen 2012 MMVA Performance:
Kelly Clarkson 2012 MMVA Performance:
Ed Sheeran 2012 MMVA Performance:

More drama has erupted between Chris Brown and Drake, and this time it’s getting physical!

Chris Brown is no stranger to controversy or drama, but is he bringing Drake down with him now? The two have fought in the past over shared love interest Rihanna, but what was the fight about this time?

Late Wednesday night in NYC a fight broke out at nightclub WIP between Chris Brown’s crew and Drake’s entourage. Chris reportedly sent over a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table as a peace offering, and unconfirmed reports say Drake sent the bottle back. This made Chris erupt with rage and confront Drake’s crew which included other Breezy rival Meek Mill.

Drake reportedly punched Chris in the face and before he could retaliate, someone else popped Chris in the mouth with a bottle, multiple times. Breezy sustained a deep gash in his chin to which he tweeted a bloody photo, which has since been taken down. Chris also took to Twitter right after the fight to let out some more rage, tweeting, “How you party wit rich bitches that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!” He went on to tweet about people hiding in bathrooms and behind security guards.

The NYPD confirmed that five people left the brawl with injuries, none of which are life-threatening, thank goodness! Neither Breezy or Drizzy were on hand when the police arrived.

We can only imagine the fight was over Rihanna, since Rihanna reportedly cheated on Chris with Drake, but we’ll have to wait and see if we get the real story on what went down between Team Breezy and Team Drizzy. I gues we won’t be seeing these two camps on tour together any time soon? Leave us a comment below and tell me if you’re Team Chris Brown or Team Drake?

Is Nicki Minaj hater, Hot 97′s DJ Peter Rosenberg, actually a closeted ‘Starships’ fan?!

As you all know, Nicki Minaj pulled out her Summer Jam 2012 performance at the last minute just a few weeks ago. The cancellation was due to DJ Peter Rosenberg’s diss of her song ‘Starships’, claiming the song is not true hip hop, and therefore not relevant to him. Peter refused to apologize for the diss, which has created much controversy for the New Jersey DJ.

But the drama is not over, he has released a funny staged video of himself dancing to Nicki’s hit ‘Starships’ that was posted on Hot 97′s YouTube channel. In the video, the DJ waits until his co-hosts leave the recording studio before letting loose and dancing to the track. Not only does he dance hilariously, but he knows all the words to ‘Starships’ and lip synchs the entire song. The video goes on to reveal some booty shaking and a Nicki-esque pink wig complete with some fist pumping.

We can’t help but feel Rosenberg wants more of the limelight on him with this dance parody. We’re just glad he’s not making fun of our Barbz anymore, but instead it looks like this is his way of trying to make peace. Watch the video yourself by clicking the link in the description, and let us know what you think. Is it hilarious, or is he making fun of Nicki AGAIN?

Check out DJ Rosenberg dancing to ‘Starships’:

A new exclusive Katy Perry ‘Part of Me’ clip surfaces online, reveals new family drama!

As you already know by now, Katy Perry is coming out with her very own movie ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D’ on July 5th, and a new teaser clip for the movie has been unveiled!

In the brand new clip, Katy’s older sister Angela Hudson is featured, and reveals how Katy broke the news to her uber religious parents that 2008′s “I Kissed A Girl’ would be her first single. Angela asks Katy, “Have you told Mom and Dad?” to which Katy replies, “No, but can you?” Pushing the reveal off to her big sis.

The new video also has new insight from Katy herself on her image: “I think people love the idea of a good girl gone bad…” But the clip alludes that this is not the case, that she’s not a bad girl, and her parents have certainly not cast her out of their lives.

Her parents are also shown in the clip, this time as stylish rockers, far different from the past teaser clips we’ve seen. Dad, Keith Hudson talks about the effect Katy’s career has had on his work as a minister, “I was a little concerned, yeah, ’cause I thought my ministry after 30-something years is over. But, you know what? Never had a problem.” We love seeing Katy’s family life, and we’re glad to know none of them have been negatively affected by Katy’s worldwide success.

The new teaser also shows a super cute clip of Katy reacting to the first time she heard her song on the radio! To see all the cuteness and juiciness, just watch the clip yourself, check out the link provided in the description. Let us know what is the most surprising part of the clip to you!

Watch new ‘Part of Me’ teaser:….

We have a new development in the Madonna VS Lady Gaga saga! Has Madonna finally said something nice about Mother Monster?!

As you know, Madonna and Mother Monster haven’t exactly been each other’s biggest fans lately. Madonna did an interview with ABC News in January, calling Lady Gaga’s music ‘reductive’ and currently covers Gaga’s song ‘Born This Way’ on her MDNA Tour. The song is mashed with ‘Express Yourself’, a classic Madonna song that critics feel Lady Gaga has copied with ‘Born This Way.’

Lady Gaga recently responded to the blatant song diss at one of her New Zealand shows. During a rendition of “Hair,” Gaga took the high-rode saying, “It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves, you know, to put other people down or make fun of them or maybe make mockery of their work.” She added, “I don’t even want to fight back because it’s more important to me to keep writing music,” alluding to Madonna’s diss.

And now, it seems Madonna has responded to Gaga’s indirect comments towards the 53-year-old singer, and we’re happy to report it’s all positive. In a chat with Italian Magazine ‘Repubblica,’ Madonna was asked, “Is Lady Gaga a threat or only another temporary ‘spice girl’?” First of all, those iconic Spice Girls are still making headlines, so we’re not sure about the validity of the question, but according to That Grape Juice, Madge responded, “She is an artist with a great, high level of talent.”

There has so far been no evidence of this interview online, or when it was actually taped, but we’ll wait to see the full interview to gauge Madonna’s tone when answering the question. For now, we’re proud of Madonna for the kind words of Mother Monsters and we’re going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Now, it’s your turn. What do you think of Madonna’s answer? Do you think Gaga will respond to this development at one of her upcoming shows? Leave us a comment!

Lady Gaga responds to Madonna covering her song on tour!

As you know, Madonna is currently touring the world on her new MDNA Tour, and during her set she sings a mashup of her classic song “Express Yourself” and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” Many critics feel that “Born This Way” is a copycat of “Express Yourself” and apparently Madonna thinks so too, because she blatantly sings the two songs together and finishes by repeating “she’s not me” during her show.

We previously heard from one of Gaga’s producers, Fernando Garibay, that he is happy that Madonna covers her song because every time she does, he gets paid royalties. But now, Mother Monster has responded (without mentioning her name) to Madonna’s insult.

Speaking to the crowd atop a motorcycle while playing the piano during her song “Hair” at her show in New Zealand she explained, “It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves, you know, to put other people down or make fun of them or maybe make mockery of their work.” She added, “I don’t even want to fight back because it’s more important to me to keep writing music,” alluding to Madonna’s diss.

But! She wasn’t done there, continuing a bit later, “Things are really different now than they were 25 years ago, and that’s what makes ‘Born This Way’ so relevant for me.” She continued on, “We’re socially in a completely different place and it’s OK, we don’t have to all slice and hate each other anymore.” OUCH. Madonna, looks like Gaga’s taking the high rode on this one, and she may have won this round. We wonder if Madonna will combat these remarks in anyway?

Tell us who you think won this round Madonna with the mashup or Lady Gaga taking the high rode?

Watch Lady Gaga Respond to Madonna’s Insult: