iPod Touch 5G S !?!

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized
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> Vibrate motor
> Silent switch
> Camera flash

> Total of 5.0 mp. camera w/ Touch to Focus/Exposure + 1080p (full res 1920×1080) record
> Headphone port placement is now the same as the iPhone
> Mic now placed like it is on the iPhone
> Speaker now iPhone quality
> High-quality audio output through headphone jack
> Retina display
> 512 MB RAM
> Aluminum housing
> Higher quality glass + oleophobic coating
> Bigger battery

> Ear-speaker like on the iPhone, for use with skype?
> Proximity sensor (required for ear speaker.)
> GPS antenna?
> Digital Compass?

Here are the prices:

8 GB – Discontinued forever.
16 GB – $249
32 GB – $299
64 GB – $349 (Debating if this should even be included, 4 different memory models is kinda a bit much, and $299 for 64 GB would never happen, ESPECIALLY with all of the new features/changes.)
128 GB – $399

So, what do you think? The iPod touch has been getting features, but nearly all of them has been inferior to those added to the iPhone. I think it’s time for the iPod touch to be the same awesome.


  1. Josey R. Arndt says:

    Is this ipod out yet?

  2. Nick says:

    If this iPod really was, I buy him!

  3. Laila says:

    Is this iPod real??

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