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Is Nicki Minaj hater, Hot 97′s DJ Peter Rosenberg, actually a closeted ‘Starships’ fan?!

As you all know, Nicki Minaj pulled out her Summer Jam 2012 performance at the last minute just a few weeks ago. The cancellation was due to DJ Peter Rosenberg’s diss of her song ‘Starships’, claiming the song is not true hip hop, and therefore not relevant to him. Peter refused to apologize for the diss, which has created much controversy for the New Jersey DJ.

But the drama is not over, he has released a funny staged video of himself dancing to Nicki’s hit ‘Starships’ that was posted on Hot 97′s YouTube channel. In the video, the DJ waits until his co-hosts leave the recording studio before letting loose and dancing to the track. Not only does he dance hilariously, but he knows all the words to ‘Starships’ and lip synchs the entire song. The video goes on to reveal some booty shaking and a Nicki-esque pink wig complete with some fist pumping.

We can’t help but feel Rosenberg wants more of the limelight on him with this dance parody. We’re just glad he’s not making fun of our Barbz anymore, but instead it looks like this is his way of trying to make peace. Watch the video yourself by clicking the link in the description, and let us know what you think. Is it hilarious, or is he making fun of Nicki AGAIN?

Check out DJ Rosenberg dancing to ‘Starships’:

It has arrived! Nicki Minaj’s epic Pepsi commercial ‘Moment for Life’ has been unveiled.

After much anticipation, Nicki Minaj’s Pepsi Commercial was released today, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The commercial has appeared on YouTube, and features Nicki’s hit song ‘Moment For Life’ but in a remix version. The commercial focuses on a cute brunette couple popping open cans of Pepsi and then time stops. They take full advantage of the ‘moment’ by traveling through various frozen scenes or ‘moments’ around the world.

They stroll through stopped scenes in the streets, the beach, a soccer game, an incredible tomato food fight, and a fashion show in Tokyo where fashion designer Betsey Johnson makes a cameo. The end of the runway leads to an exit where the couple finds themselves at a Nicki Minaj concert. They sip some more Pepsi, and poof! Time starts again, Nicki is performing and the couple stage dives into the crowd.

The new campaign’s message is ‘Live For Now’ and the commercial definitely show us all the amazing things happening in the world right now. Let us know what you think of the commercial, just check out the link below to the full clip.

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