Posted: September 20, 2012 in Health
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What wouldn’t you give for a relaxing Spa session at the end of a stressful day at the office, so that you could let all your worries be washed away by the delicate essential oils that gently caress your body? What can you do, though, if you can’t afford this kind of luxury?

Follow a few simple tips and you can bring the relaxing atmosphere of a luxury Spa in the comfort of your own home:

>> Remember that the blender is your ally not only when it comes to making delicious fruit juices, but can also help you in preparing facial masks in no time. Mix together fruits, yoghurt or honey, depending on your skin’s needs, and voilà – a facial mask within minutes, for a super-fresh complexion.

>> Let your body lotion warm up over a radiator about 15 minutes before you plan on using it. The heat ensures that its formula will penetrate your skin faster and better, and the warmth will give you a nice and cozy feeling.

>> Transform your bathroom into a sauna. Let he hot water from the shower run until the room fills with steam, and then take a warm washcloth and sprinkle a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto it. Breathe in the soothing aroma and let your entire body relax.

>> Shut down the lights and enjoy a relaxing candlelit bubble bath. You can even use scented candles, that you can coordinate with the scent of your bath products.

>> Put on a pair of gloves and socks after you’ve treated your hands and feet with a nourishing lotion, and go watch your favourite TV programme. The extra heat will ensure that the lotion is better absorbed into your skin.

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