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Going to makeup test for tonight !!! Fashion is my religion !!!
Calvin Klein , im coming !!!


Watermelon is one of my favorite summer fruit. I’ve been eating it – without fork & knife -since I was a child and my grandfather often had a fresh slice for me at lunch. I not only like the taste, but I also love the color. It’s not strange that, as all beautiful & goodthings, it inspires fashion world. Sometimes only for its color, some other times also for its shape. Vivetta brand is quite famous for its skirts, bags and dresses inspired by nature. Probably you saw the watermelon skirt wore by the blonde salad for MFW. It’s a quite expensive brand, but you can find something for less from asos – like the shirt. To be honest I love the skirt, the bags, the Clinique lipstick (it seems to be the new summer “must have”), but the rest it’s probably too much! What do you think? do you agree? Are you going to add something in your wardrobe?



Wanna know when the album comes out ?!?

Just stay tuned on Electric Chapel !!!

First 3 tracks from his album are : SUMMER BOY ; WONDERFUL ; SOLO … and more to come soon 😀 😉 !!!