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Facebook has officially introduced App Center, a cross-platform app discovery system that allows for developers to grow their apps and create opportunities to become more successful. Over the next few weeks, the App Center will be available on the web and built into the Facebook apps for iOS and Android. The App Center will be the central place for discovering the best social apps on Facebook, with each app getting its own detailed page.

Well-designed, quality apps will receive much of the spotlight on App Center, based on user ratings and engagement, while apps that receive poor ratings will not be displayed. Interestingly, the App Center will link to iOS and Android apps on the App Store and Google Play respectively, so long as they implement the Facebook login feature. This benefits Apple and Google since users are being directed to purchase apps on their respective platforms, while Facebook gets to promote its social network and hinder the growth of competing services like Twitter.

In addition to in-app purchases, Facebook is rolling out a new beta feature that will allow for developers to release paid apps on the social network. This would consist of users paying a one-time, flat rate fee to access the desired app on Facebook. While the days of apps being entirely free on Facebook might be coming to a close, hopefully developers will focus on releasing higher quality apps now that they are attaching a dollar amount to them.

The widely popular music streaming service Spotify has finally brought their service to the iPad with a native app and the full Retina display experience. Instead of a separate “HD” app like some services release, Spotify has updated their iPhone app to become universal, now including access to 18 million songs in a beautiful way on your iPad.

The Spotify iPad app is here!

Listen to the world’s music collection on your iPad. Enjoy millions of songs in an instant. Love, discover and share music like never before with the Spotify iPad app.

  • Simple to browse and explore the Spotify catalogue
  • Retina graphics for iPad and high-definition album art
  • Search for playlists, users and music – all from the same view
  • Discover what’s hot, and find trending playlists & songs among your friends
  • Inbox grouped by user for easy searching
  • Perfect as your living room stereo – full-screen view and AirPlay integration This iPad app reminds me a lot of Twitter’s with its swipe gesture-heavy interface that involves lots of swiping left to right in order to get from one screen to another. That’s not a bad thing, but I would have hoped to see something a bit more original — maybe a really well-designed app like Rdio for iOS.

Spotify itself is pretty reliable, though they do require that you have a Facebook account to use the service which is kind of annoying. Other than that, there’s a big war between them and Rdio. If you want music, then go with Spotify because they have a far better collection. If you want a better design and far better apps, then I’d personally recommend Rdio any day. But hey, it’s probably best to use whatever your friends do since you’re probably looking to discover some music.

If you already own Spotify for iPhone, then just go update it to version 0.5.0, which brings gapless playback and cross fading to this version, along with two bug fixes. If you don’t own it, then consider trying out Spotify on your iPad. There is a 48-hour trial of the $9.99 per month Premium service, so go discover some music and tell us what you think!

Additional fixes and improvements:
• New: Gapless playback and cross fading.
• Fixed: Offline synced playlists can no longer be removed by the system.
• Fixed: Crashes related to updating playlists or starring tracks.

The end of Android could be approaching, suggests Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt. As noted by Forbes, McCourt estimates that Apple held a 59% grip on the smartphone market in the first quarter of 2012, compared to just 39% in the year-ago quarter. The iPhone continues to be a dominant force in the United States, with 4.3 million handsets activated on AT&T in the first quarter in addition to 3.2 million units on Verizon and 1.5 million units on Sprint in the same time period.

With the launch of the so-called “iPhone 5″ on the horizon, the momentum that Apple is experiencing is going to continue. McCourt believes that Google’s share of the smartphone market might have peaked, which means that it is likely to now continue declining. In his research note, McCourt says that Apple has “won the game,” at least in the American market, with the iPhone. Read on for his full opinion.

So, here’s a thought. Could it be the case that Google’s share of the smartphone market has peaked? That the phone-buying public simply is more inclined to choose Apple’s vertically integrated approach over the cacophony of the Android market?

Could it, in fact, be the case that, while Google and Microsoft can innovate and find niche markets for their mobile OS offerings, that Apple has basically won the game, at least for the U.S. market? There’s no question that Android-based devices are crushing the likes of Nokia and Research in Motion at the low-end of the market, rapidly killing off the feature phone market. But at the top of the heap, Apple is crushing it. And iPhone 5 is just months away.

Do you think that what McCourt is saying is true? Could the so-called “end of Android” really be approaching because of the iPhone’s dominance in the United States?

If you are curious about how environmentally friendly the iPad is, the extremely long infographic just ahead will answer all of your questions. The infographic also provides information about the impact that iTunes and iCloud have on the environment, Apple’s working conditions at its overseas supply chains, recycling options for the iPad, and more. Check it out just ahead.

The next generation iPhone could utilize a new display technology that would make the handset both thinner and lighter. Apple is rumored to be cooperating with Sharp and Toshiba to use these in-cell touch display panels in their future products, says sources in Apple’s overseas supply chain.

Existing models of the iPhone have a capacitive touchscreen located above the LCD panel, which increases the thickness of the device slightly. If Apple switches to this in-cell display technology, they could manufacture an even slimmer and lighter iPhone at less cost. Would you buy the next iPhone if it utilized this display technology?

Even in the light of Facebook’s recent acquisition of the much-loved photo sharing service Instagram, third-party developers are still working on apps using the existing API. Yesterday, for instance, Eric Hoffman Design released a beautiful Instagram browsing app for the iPad called Iris. While it’s a shame you can’t publish any photos with the app, there’s no reason not to buy it if you like to browse photos by your friends.

At $1.99, Iris allows you to tap a photo to like or unlike it, share photos on Twitter by tapping it when it’s enlarged, comment on your friends’ photos, find new people to follow, browse the well-liked photos of Instagram, see the location on a map where the photo was taken, and oh so much more. The user interface alone is the most beautiful way to browse Instagram on any device, not just the iPad. So go give Iris a try today!

The insanely popular game Draw Something for iOS has been updated with several new features, including the ability to comment on drawings, post your drawings on Facebook and Twitter, save your drawings to your photos, undo your last line, and obtain immediate updates by pulling down to refresh.

Draw Something is an addictive drawing game by OMGPOP — recently acquired by Zynga — that requires you to sketch or doodle various words for your opponent to guess. The game, $0.99 with a free ad-supported version, peaked as both the top free and paid app on the App Store, and continues to sit among the top five in those categories. Have you drawn something yet?

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If you have been waiting patiently to get your hands on the latest MacBook Air or Pro models with Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors, be prepared to wait a little longer. During a first quarter earnings conference call, Intel’s CEO confirmed that the chip maker will launch its Ivy Bridge processors in two phases.


“The first versions of Ivy Bridge that we’re shipping are quad-cores,” CEO Paul Otellini said during the call today. “And then the second launch of the products is the dual core, which is the mainstream notebooks,” he added.


The chip maker will first roll out its quad-core Ivy Bridge processors, which are expected to be unveiled next Monday, April 23. Subsequently, the company will release dual-core models for mainstream notebooks, which likely includes the MacBook Air, in a second wave. According to CNET, that second launch is likely to take place in June, so don’t be too surprised if the remainder of April and May pass by without any MacBook Air or Pro refresh.