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Lady Gaga reveals an unheard song at concert “Princess Die” an ode to the late Princess Diana.

Lady Gaga is on her “Born This Way Ball’ world tour right now, and has debuted brand-new song titled “Princess Die” that is D-I-E, at her show in Melbourne, Australia. The song is a tribute to the late Diana, Princess of Wales who was killed in a car crash at the premature age of 36 and stole the hearts of people around the world.

The song is a somber one, as Gaga warned fans before singing, “Ok his song is a little bit sad,” She went on to reveal, “And it’s in no way reflective of the rest of the music on the album, but it’s about some of the most deep and personal thoughts I’ve ever had.”

The song starts off, “Leave the coffin open when I go/ Leave my pearls and lipstick on so everybody knows/ Pretty will be the photograph I leave/Laying down on famous knives so everybody sees.”

Mother Monster said she is not sure if the song will make it on her upcoming album that she is currently working on while on tour. We will have to wait until September to find out.

After the song Gaga said, “What do you think is that ok?” Check out the video of Gaga performing the song, and let us know if you think it’s OK?

Lady Gaga singing “Princess Die”: v=1owb5Xf-tQY

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Going to makeup test for tonight !!! Fashion is my religion !!!
Calvin Klein , im coming !!!

Fashio !!!

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Tired… Cant walk anymore !!! Done 4 today !!! I love you Guys !!!

Watermelon is one of my favorite summer fruit. I’ve been eating it – without fork & knife -since I was a child and my grandfather often had a fresh slice for me at lunch. I not only like the taste, but I also love the color. It’s not strange that, as all beautiful & goodthings, it inspires fashion world. Sometimes only for its color, some other times also for its shape. Vivetta brand is quite famous for its skirts, bags and dresses inspired by nature. Probably you saw the watermelon skirt wore by the blonde salad for MFW. It’s a quite expensive brand, but you can find something for less from asos – like the shirt. To be honest I love the skirt, the bags, the Clinique lipstick (it seems to be the new summer “must have”), but the rest it’s probably too much! What do you think? do you agree? Are you going to add something in your wardrobe?



No good deed goes unpunished for Mother Monster!

Last June, Lady Gaga was sued for allegedly over-charging for shipping on her “We Pray for Japan” wristbands sold through her website. The bracelets were being sold to raise money for victims of Japan’s devastating 2011 earthquake tsunami, and Gaga was hit with a $5 million dollar federal class action lawsuit. We are happy to report that the case has now been settled, and Gaga has agreed to donate $107,500 to people affected by the tragedy.

The bracelets were sold for $5 each and earned approximately $1.5 million, but many critics said shipping charges weren’t factored in and the promotion was misleading since the site said all proceeds would go directly to the relief efforts.

And even though Mother Monster’s team agreed to settle, she maintains their innocence in the case and continues to deny the suit had any merit. So once again, Gaga has taken the high-road and we applaud her.

Do you think Gaga was innocent? Did she do the right thing by settling the lawsuit?




In 2 weeks we are changing the name of the blog… Can wait…


New Blog

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My new blog :


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