The Logistics of Getting an iPhone 5

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Apple New's, Technology

Last we told you, Apple’s overseas manufacturers were preparing to ship iPhone 5 pre-orders to the United States and other launch countries worldwide. And if you’re curious how your iPhone will be shipped to you, we’ll fill you in on the details.

Apple takes advantage of World Ease, a service offered by UPS that helps to simplify customs clearance by grouping several shipments together into one single shipment. Since the iPhone 5 handsets clear customs as a single unit, there is reduced paperwork and, thus, the shipping process becomes much more efficient.

By utilizing the World Ease service, Apple is able to conveniently ensure that shipments of the iPhone 5 arrive in the hands of customers stateside by the promised date of Friday, September 21st. It’s quite remarkable to think of the logistics that go into getting our favorite, shiny Apple gadgets from overseas manufacturers like Foxconn in mainland China to other countries around the world. Demand for the iPhone 5 has by far exceeded the initial wave of supply, leaving many pre-orders with a delivery estimate of early October or later. What is your iPhone 5 pre-order status?

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