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If you love fashion and good, quality beauty products, you will be happy to find out that the designer Roland Mouret is launching his first beauty product. It is a body serum that he has developed in collaboration with Aromatheray Associates, which “brings a velvet touch on the skin of a woman”, as Mouret said.

The Final Finish Body Serum is meant smooth your arms, legs and décolletage, and to give you a very soft, glowing finish, after you put on a dress. The new product combines essential oils and natural ingredients such as evening primrose, jojoba, rose and vanilla.

Mouret said that he truly loves women, and this is why he thought about creating a product to enhance their skin beauty:
 “I truly love women, all women. By the time a woman puts on one of my dresses we’re already into the second part of our relationship. Final Finish is yet another touch on the skin of a woman.”

The serum will be launched on September 24 and will be priced at 52,26 €. You will be able to find it on


A new YouTube video (via Redmond Pie) has surfaced entitled “the next crappy thing is already here,” a satiric reference to Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone. There is some coarse language throughout the video.

iFixIt has gotten hold of an iPhone 5 (which is on sale in Australia right now), and they’ve already cracked it open to reveal the innards. Shockingly, it’s composed of smartphones parts, including a screen, some chips, and the casing made of aluminum and glass.

In all seriousness, the 6th-generation iPhone does have some interesting changes. Of note, Apple has continued to make their designs harder to open by requiring screw-drivers that are more difficult to obtain. However, asiFixIt notes, the iPhone 5 is roughly as user serviceable as the 4S was, if one has the right tools. In fact, since the new iPhone is opened front-to-back (note: suction cup necessary), replacing a cracked screen is significantly easier on the new device than it has in the past.

Episode three of ‘X Factor’ audition rounds went down last night and we’ve got your full recap right here.

The third round of auditions for Season 2 of ‘X Factor’ USA saw more hopefuls from Austin, Kansas City, and San Francisco complete with an arrest, a walkout, and an ambulence. The show opened with the judges learning Simon Cowell will not be joining them for the Kansas City, Missouri round and the contestants (pretend) to rejoice with that news! Taking over for Simon while he is out for the day is Simon’s most trusted second opinion, Louie Walsh.

First up in the show, we saw 18-year-old blonde haired Rizzloe Jones, a freestyle rapper from Kansas City. He let the judges pick his rap flow topic, so L.A. picked “X Factor” and Rizzloe shocked them all with a high energy original freestyle. Judge Britney commented “I felt like you were a young Vanilla Ice, Ice baby and I liked it a lot.” He moved on with four yeses.

Mid-auditions Demi and Britney planned a birthday celebration for L.A. and Britney shocked us with a super cute rendition of “Happy Birthday” which reminded us of Marilyn Monroe’s famous version of the song check it out.

Vino Alan shocked the judges when he took off his beanie to reveal a head full of tattoos, and shocked the judges again when he nailed his song “Trouble” with his unique voice. He got four yeses.

Next, the judges walked out on funnyman Deangelo Wallace who claimed he was better than Justin Bieber and Britney Spears. His awful performance of Chris Brown’s “With You” got the judges out of their seats and the amazing part was that he kept singing. After, he walked away with a $3,000 microphone so the crew chased him down and arrested him for blatantly trying to cash in on ‘X Factor’ equipment.

They also put through a favorite of the day a Country singer Tate Stevens who Britney said was one of her favorites so far. The judges left Kansas City for more San Francisco auditions where they picked up Simon Cowell again. First up was group Citizen a five member boyband who sang “Don’t Let Go” by En Vogue. Britney said “you guys rocked up there” while Simon didn’t like it. They moved on with three yeses.
We were super impressed with bubbly 13-year-old Diamond White from LA who sang “This Is A Man’s World”. Demi told her she had “the X Factor” and Britney thought she was amazing, so no surprise Diamond walked away with four yeses.

Over in Austin, Texas 18 year old Ally Brooke who belted out “On My Knees” and got four yeses from the judges. Simon said “we are looking at a future star here”.

Rambunctious 42-year-old Panda Ross sang “Bring It On Home” and admitted she was born in jail. She stole the audience’s hearts as well as the judges: Demi said, “I loved every bit of it!” and Simon said, “You sound like a legend.” Panda was then carried away in a stretcher after she couldn’t breathe admitting she previously had pneumonia and had left the hospital the day before.

The show ended with 22 year old judge favorite Jessica Spinoza singing Pink’s “Nobody Knows” and she passed with flying colors. There’s your X-Cap for the third audition episode of Season 2? Who was YOUR favorite performance of the night? Let us know by leaving us a comment, you’re subscribed right?


How important is the way you look and feel for your sexual life? Studies say it’s almost vital. A survey made by the University of Pittsburg shows that cosmetic surgery can increase not only women’s self-esteem, but also boost their sex lives.

According to lead researcher Guy M. Stofman, chief of plastic surgery at the Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, after breast, abdomen, and thigh procedures, 95 percent of patients said they felt much better in their new bodies and their self-esteem grew considerably. More than half of the people involved in the survey said their sexual life improved.

Out of all the interventions, the breast and the body surgery lead to the best results concerning self-esteem and sexual life. Eighty percent of breast and 50 percent of body-surgery patients said they experienced more frequent and powerful orgasms.

On the other hand, face-and brow-lift patients didn’t report significant improvements in their sex lives.


Kristen Stewart wears silk shirt, £595. Wool/silk trousers, £935. Both Jonathan Saunders, from a selection, at Liberty and Matches. Patent leather belt, £60, LK Bennett. All make-up by L’Oréal Paris. Hair: Christiaan. Make-up: James Kaliardos. Nails: Emi Kudo. Fashion editor: Lucinda Chambers. Photographer: Mario Testino


More drama has erupted between Chris Brown and Drake, and this time it’s getting physical!

Chris Brown is no stranger to controversy or drama, but is he bringing Drake down with him now? The two have fought in the past over shared love interest Rihanna, but what was the fight about this time?

Late Wednesday night in NYC a fight broke out at nightclub WIP between Chris Brown’s crew and Drake’s entourage. Chris reportedly sent over a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table as a peace offering, and unconfirmed reports say Drake sent the bottle back. This made Chris erupt with rage and confront Drake’s crew which included other Breezy rival Meek Mill.

Drake reportedly punched Chris in the face and before he could retaliate, someone else popped Chris in the mouth with a bottle, multiple times. Breezy sustained a deep gash in his chin to which he tweeted a bloody photo, which has since been taken down. Chris also took to Twitter right after the fight to let out some more rage, tweeting, “How you party wit rich bitches that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!” He went on to tweet about people hiding in bathrooms and behind security guards.

The NYPD confirmed that five people left the brawl with injuries, none of which are life-threatening, thank goodness! Neither Breezy or Drizzy were on hand when the police arrived.

We can only imagine the fight was over Rihanna, since Rihanna reportedly cheated on Chris with Drake, but we’ll have to wait and see if we get the real story on what went down between Team Breezy and Team Drizzy. I gues we won’t be seeing these two camps on tour together any time soon? Leave us a comment below and tell me if you’re Team Chris Brown or Team Drake?

Is Nicki Minaj hater, Hot 97′s DJ Peter Rosenberg, actually a closeted ‘Starships’ fan?!

As you all know, Nicki Minaj pulled out her Summer Jam 2012 performance at the last minute just a few weeks ago. The cancellation was due to DJ Peter Rosenberg’s diss of her song ‘Starships’, claiming the song is not true hip hop, and therefore not relevant to him. Peter refused to apologize for the diss, which has created much controversy for the New Jersey DJ.

But the drama is not over, he has released a funny staged video of himself dancing to Nicki’s hit ‘Starships’ that was posted on Hot 97′s YouTube channel. In the video, the DJ waits until his co-hosts leave the recording studio before letting loose and dancing to the track. Not only does he dance hilariously, but he knows all the words to ‘Starships’ and lip synchs the entire song. The video goes on to reveal some booty shaking and a Nicki-esque pink wig complete with some fist pumping.

We can’t help but feel Rosenberg wants more of the limelight on him with this dance parody. We’re just glad he’s not making fun of our Barbz anymore, but instead it looks like this is his way of trying to make peace. Watch the video yourself by clicking the link in the description, and let us know what you think. Is it hilarious, or is he making fun of Nicki AGAIN?

Check out DJ Rosenberg dancing to ‘Starships’:

A new exclusive Katy Perry ‘Part of Me’ clip surfaces online, reveals new family drama!

As you already know by now, Katy Perry is coming out with her very own movie ‘Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D’ on July 5th, and a new teaser clip for the movie has been unveiled!

In the brand new clip, Katy’s older sister Angela Hudson is featured, and reveals how Katy broke the news to her uber religious parents that 2008′s “I Kissed A Girl’ would be her first single. Angela asks Katy, “Have you told Mom and Dad?” to which Katy replies, “No, but can you?” Pushing the reveal off to her big sis.

The new video also has new insight from Katy herself on her image: “I think people love the idea of a good girl gone bad…” But the clip alludes that this is not the case, that she’s not a bad girl, and her parents have certainly not cast her out of their lives.

Her parents are also shown in the clip, this time as stylish rockers, far different from the past teaser clips we’ve seen. Dad, Keith Hudson talks about the effect Katy’s career has had on his work as a minister, “I was a little concerned, yeah, ’cause I thought my ministry after 30-something years is over. But, you know what? Never had a problem.” We love seeing Katy’s family life, and we’re glad to know none of them have been negatively affected by Katy’s worldwide success.

The new teaser also shows a super cute clip of Katy reacting to the first time she heard her song on the radio! To see all the cuteness and juiciness, just watch the clip yourself, check out the link provided in the description. Let us know what is the most surprising part of the clip to you!

Watch new ‘Part of Me’ teaser:….