Instapaper 4.1.1 Released with Many Bug Fixes, Some Feature Additions

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized
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ImageMarco Arment, the developer of popular offline reading service and app Instapaper, has today released an update to the iOS app, bringing several bug fixes and restoring list viewing mode on the iPad version — the app is universal. Some of the other feature additions include a new setting that allows you to either enable or disable the back gestures that were added in version 4.1 of the app and better colors in night reading mode. Additionally, images in night reading mode are automatically dimmed a bit so you don’t get blinded by white or vivid colors. More information on this update after the break.


Instapaper 4.1.1 also includes opens articles much faster now and has some fancy animations to go along with it. Arment probably added these because Instapaper’s chief rival, Readability, has really polished their app with beautiful animations and gestures, making it dominant over Instapaper. However, for those who wish to maintain their allegiance with the original service, Instapaper has been receiving quite a few updates that make it more appealing to the user who loves good design and animations.

Here is the full list of changes in Instapaper 4.1.1:

– New setting: Select grid or list format (iPad)
– New setting: Enable/disable the new Back gestures from 4.1
– Dark-mode colors are now more legible on modern screens
– Images in Dark Mode are now dimmed so they don’t blind you (tap to brighten)
– Animations when opening and closing articles on iPad now slide, rather than fade, to match gestures
– Pagination is now faster, and a subtle animation on iPad indicates direction (like on iPhone)
– Opening articles is now faster
– Fixed Elena’s thin rendering of certain letters in landscape
– Fixed a frequent dark-mode crash on iPad
– Miscellaneous other minor fixe


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