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Diablo 3 Review !!!

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Game's, Technology
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Welcome back to Sanctuary Gamers! The wait is over, the dead have once again risen up to slay the living and new Hell Lords have appeared to torment mankind. It’s time to once again slog through miles of demon entrails on a quest to save the world in Diablo 3. The only question is can Blizzard create a game that can live up to the legacy of Diablo 1 and 2. Let’s find out.

Diablo 3 jumps you right into the action, sending you straight back to a besieged Tristram and forcing you to fight off undead horrors, that will come at you even if they are just a torso. The game looks beautiful. That classic dark art style gives the player a sense of dread as they navigate the incredibly detailed world. Animations are slick and the thing that got me the most is how alive the world of Diablo feels in this game.

In many games the level and the enemies exist as two seperate entities, you’re never really shown how the bad guys got there, they just kind of always existed or spawned off screen. In Diablo 3 enemies rise up out of the ground. They crawl up from pits or swoop in from the air above you. Some are summoned into this world by dark rituals. Some lay in wait for you disguised as part of the back drop. The way the enemies interact with the world is one of Diablo 3′s stand out features and really pulls you into the game.

The writing in Diablo 3 is great. The story is amazing and the dialogue is well written and well performed by the voice actors. And don’t be fooled by the fairly simple opening cinematics at the beginning of this game when you first choose a character. Some people are saying that these cinematics look “low budget.” Personally I think the opening cinematics fit well with the game’s style but either way, I’m here to tell you that there are definitely some big budget all out awesome CGI Cutscenes in this game. I’m not going to include any in this review to avoid spoilers but I will provide a link in the description if you’re curious. The cutscenes in this game are amazing and powerful. They kind of make me wish Blizzard would hire the guys that did the cinematics to make a full length Diablo movie. I would see it on opening night.

Let’s talk about gameplay. It’s smooth and extremely rewarding. I’ve been playing as the monk and his ability to teleport toward his targets and unleash lightening fists on his enemies gives the game an intense, kinetic feel that you just don’t get in other top down RPGs. The option to have a follower join you on your quests give the game a sense of depth as you have to choose a companion with skills that compliment your own. For instance, if I’ve chosen heal as one of my skills, I probably don’t want to take the Templar if I’ve chosen heal as one of his abilities. Instead I might take the scoundrel and allow his poison arrows to do damage over time while I tank the enemies. When you have a good combination of skills between you and your follower the game is ver rewarding.

Also the randomized dungeons and encounters give each playthrough a unique feel to it. One of my favorite parts of this game is the loot goblin. D3 is one of the few games that actualy cause me to yell out when I play it, but everytime I see this little guy I always yell “loot goblin” and then proceed to viciously attack it regardless of what other enemies are around. You see, the loot goblins bag is filled with awesome loot, but if you don’t kill him quick he’ll escape to another dimension. And your encounters with the loot goblin are random, which makes seeing him an awesome surpise. I do kind of feel bad that the little guy can’t actually defend himself from my vicious assault, but after his death the great items he drops make me forget about my guilt.

Another thing I love about Diablo is enemy diversity. This game has so many different enemy types it’s ridiculous. There’s these flying things, Wasps, tree monsters, spiders, demons, ghosts, zombies, worms, beasts, goatmen, boomers, and whateer the hell this thing is and I’m only in Act 2. If things keep up this way I definitely don’t forsee this game getting stale.

Alright let’s talk about the skill tree or rather skill line. See in Diablo 3 you just kind of activate a new skill when you hit a certain level. You don’t really choose which ones you want. I’m not really sure how I feel about this I kind of like the option of choosing between a couple different skills, however, the skills can be further modified with ruins to augment this differently. Now this I do like as it allows you to really tweak different builds the way you want.

Now I’ve gotta talk about the thing about the game that bothers me most, the inablitity to play a single player offline. Now I know that server problems are to be expected during launch and by next week everything should be running smoothly, but really there’s nothing more infurating then not being to play the game that I payed sixty bucks for in single player mode! The only reason that Diablo 3 makes you connect to the server for single player mode is to protect against piracy and I’ve gotta say when piracy protection starts getting in the way of players enjoying a game they payed money for, it’s time to rethink you’re strategy. I don’t like being mid game and seeing this message pop up when i’m at a vital point in my quest. It makes me feel all

Co-op is fun, and and having another person to share in the slaying of some giant demon makes things more exciting. There’s also this incredibly horrifying hardcore mode where if you’re hero dies once they are dead forever. They literally delete your character. This might be the most intense RPG experience ever and quite frankly I want to get a bit more experience with my regular character before I even try taking on this mode.

Alright, now since PvP is not yet active in Diablo 3 and obviously I haven’t yet beaten this monstrous game, or fully explored all the classes it would be irresponsible of me to issue a score at this time. For now I’m just going to say that the parts of the game I have played were immensely enjoyable. Yes the server errors are annoying, but I’m hopeful that this will be taken care of very soon and that the vast majority of players won’t have to deal with it. I’m excited to see how the rest of the story turns out and maybe we’ll revisit this game later to give it a proper score but for right now I’ve still got a lot more demons to slay. Thanks for watching and if you want to stay up to date on all our latest news reviews and originals, go ahead and hit that subscribe button. See you all in Sanctuary.

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