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No good deed goes unpunished for Mother Monster!

Last June, Lady Gaga was sued for allegedly over-charging for shipping on her “We Pray for Japan” wristbands sold through her website. The bracelets were being sold to raise money for victims of Japan’s devastating 2011 earthquake tsunami, and Gaga was hit with a $5 million dollar federal class action lawsuit. We are happy to report that the case has now been settled, and Gaga has agreed to donate $107,500 to people affected by the tragedy.

The bracelets were sold for $5 each and earned approximately $1.5 million, but many critics said shipping charges weren’t factored in and the promotion was misleading since the site said all proceeds would go directly to the relief efforts.

And even though Mother Monster’s team agreed to settle, she maintains their innocence in the case and continues to deny the suit had any merit. So once again, Gaga has taken the high-road and we applaud her.

Do you think Gaga was innocent? Did she do the right thing by settling the lawsuit?