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The music video for Katy Perry’s latest hit ‘Wide Awake’ has arrived- in fairytale style!

We saw a teaser of Katy Perry’s new music video for ‘Wide Awake’ last week, hinting at a storybook fairytale, complete with a Prince Charming. And while none of the actual scenes seen in the teaser are in the actual video, we do get our fairytale- but in Katy Perry style. Her new music video for ‘Wide Awake’ is a self- reflecting autobiographical video, starring Katy alongside herself as a kid.

The video starts with Katy filming her ‘California Gurls’ video, and after finishing, heading to her dressing room to take off her pink wig and once she looks in the mirror the dark sets in. Katy now has her dark purple locks, dressed in a gothic Snow White outfit, and ‘Wide Awake’ begins. She belts the song, referencing the difficult process of letting go of a relationship, while the walls around her are caving in.

After Katy eats a forbidden strawberry and a star bursts from her chest, revealed is Katy as a child. The two, dressed in gold, are broken by paparazzi and we see little Katy pushing big Katy in a wheelchair in a mental hospital. Hinting that the fame has driven Katy mad.

Little Katy helps big Katy fight off two monsters in the hospital and they burst into a flower garden where big Katy punches Prince Charming in the face- and we’re wondering who that could be? The two Katy’s find the light, and big Katy is born again. Little Katy gives her a butterfly and then we are back in the dressing room, this time Katy is getting ready to perform her hit “Teenage Dream.”

This video is the final video from her Teenage Dream era, a farewell video that leaves the darkness behind. Her fairytale is now complete. Check out the video yourself, there is a link below, and tell us your interpretation of the video. We think it’s one of her best yet, and we can’t wait to see what era is next for Katy.

Watch Katy Perry “Wide Awake”:

We’ve got a sneak peek of Katy Perry’s new music video for ‘Wide Awake’!

A video teaser of Katy Perry’s new music vid for ‘Wide Awake’ has landed online, and we’re breaking it down. It’s a trip down nostalgia lane for Katy Perry, who may have taken some notes from pal Taylor Swift for this vid.

The fairytale-like music video teaser starts with images of rustling leaves in an enchanted forest, where at an ancient table, a young Katy flipping through the chapters of her life in a “storybook”. As the pages go by, we see in each Chapter the real Katy in her previous music videos, including ‘Teenage Dream,’ ‘Firework,’ and ‘E.T.’.

When the young Katy gets to the Final Chapter, she pops a peppermint candy in her mouth- the same one that Katy and tour crew tattooed on themselves, indicating ‘Wide Awake’ could be the final chapter in the book- or her final single from the Teenage Dream Collection. In the final chapter we see a “giant labyrinth”, a poison strawberry, a “curious cat”, and a Prince Charming. At the end of the teaser Katy remains a little girl, alluding that she never grew up possibly? We’ll have to wait for the full video to find out.

All you sleepyheads will be Wide Awake when the full length video drops on June 19 on Vevo and MTV! Check out the link to the teaser below, and leave us your comments! Are you excited or the full music vid?

Love, Alex Kart 😡