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How important is the way you look and feel for your sexual life? Studies say it’s almost vital. A survey made by the University of Pittsburg shows that cosmetic surgery can increase not only women’s self-esteem, but also boost their sex lives.

According to lead researcher Guy M. Stofman, chief of plastic surgery at the Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, after breast, abdomen, and thigh procedures, 95 percent of patients said they felt much better in their new bodies and their self-esteem grew considerably. More than half of the people involved in the survey said their sexual life improved.

Out of all the interventions, the breast and the body surgery lead to the best results concerning self-esteem and sexual life. Eighty percent of breast and 50 percent of body-surgery patients said they experienced more frequent and powerful orgasms.

On the other hand, face-and brow-lift patients didn’t report significant improvements in their sex lives.



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