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According to sources of Reuters, Apple is currently working to bring film streaming service EPIX to their $99 1080p streaming box. Such a partnership would mean additional content from studios like Lions Gate Entertainment, MGM, and Paramount Pictures — which, incidentally, created EPIX just three years ago.

Even though Apple is working hard to gain rights for film streaming from EPIX, Reuters’ sources note that things “are in the preliminary stages and no agreement is considered near.”

In the past few months, there have been many rumors circulating about an Apple HDTV set that could make its debut later this year. Some claim it will be Retina, while others add that it could include such iOS functions as Siri and Game Center. I could see Apple entering the gaming scene with such a device, but I’m not sure exactly how things will work since PS3s and Xbox 360s seem to rule that ground right now — there’s really no way Angry Birds can compare if you want to play a real game like Uncharted or Call of Duty, though iOS alternatives and ports have been rather successful.

Other than gaming, it’s obvious that Apple will include iCloud media streaming with their TV set, but there’s still so much that we don’t know about it — how much will it cost, will there be different display options, will there be an “Apple TV App Store,” and so on. For now, feel free to speculate in the comments and tell us what you think the corporation will do to make their impact on the television industry.