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A new YouTube video (via Redmond Pie) has surfaced entitled “the next crappy thing is already here,” a satiric reference to Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone. There is some coarse language throughout the video.

A new iPhone, a new Samsung ad attempting to shoot it down. Does the marketing team at Samsung honestly believe that, by mocking Apple customers who wait in line for the iPhone 5 and other latest gadgets, it is going to attract these people to their own brand? I’m surprised that Samsung isn’t already embarrassed enough from the massive legal battle that it lost against its arch rival Apple, in which it owes the iPhone maker over $1 billion in compensation. But if you really want to watch the latest round of Samsung trivializing new iPhone 5 features, the video is down below for your pleasure. SAMSUNG its soo gelous on the new iPhone !!!



   Get ready to go back in time during the season finale of “The Vampire Diaries” this Thursday.

In “The Departed,” we’ll get a look at Elena’s past before Vampires and before her parents died. Julie Plec promises it’s going to be a doozy of an episode and that – SPOILER – someone will not survive, but who?

Watch the preview and be sure to tune in Thursday, May 10 at 8pm on the CW.




Facebook has officially introduced App Center, a cross-platform app discovery system that allows for developers to grow their apps and create opportunities to become more successful. Over the next few weeks, the App Center will be available on the web and built into the Facebook apps for iOS and Android. The App Center will be the central place for discovering the best social apps on Facebook, with each app getting its own detailed page.

Well-designed, quality apps will receive much of the spotlight on App Center, based on user ratings and engagement, while apps that receive poor ratings will not be displayed. Interestingly, the App Center will link to iOS and Android apps on the App Store and Google Play respectively, so long as they implement the Facebook login feature. This benefits Apple and Google since users are being directed to purchase apps on their respective platforms, while Facebook gets to promote its social network and hinder the growth of competing services like Twitter.

In addition to in-app purchases, Facebook is rolling out a new beta feature that will allow for developers to release paid apps on the social network. This would consist of users paying a one-time, flat rate fee to access the desired app on Facebook. While the days of apps being entirely free on Facebook might be coming to a close, hopefully developers will focus on releasing higher quality apps now that they are attaching a dollar amount to them.

Google is working on its own native app with similar functionality to Game Center for iOS, according to a source familiar with the matter for Business Insider. The app will replicate several features of Game Center, including a social achievement system, which awards trophies and points for completing in-game tasks, and a leaderboard for seeing how your high scores stand up against your friends.

Android developers currently resort to a myriad of different third-party social gaming platforms for implementing high scores and achievements into their apps, but the success of mobile gaming on the iPhone has changed Google’s perspective. The search engine giant now understands that it is vital for Android to have a native social gaming app akin to Game Center to stay competitive in the bursting mobile games market.

“They are starting to really understand all of the needs and wants to make a game really successful,” an industry source close to developers told us. “As recently as even a year ago, that really wasn’t part of their institutional DNA, But I think they’re getting there.”

It is likely that this Game Center equivalent for Android would be integrated closely with the Google+ social network, in which users would sign in with their Google-based online identity. Google’s chief executive Larry Page has been pushing employees to strengthen the ties between Google products, and this integration would certainly fulfill that initiative.

Google is also said to be working on an easier payment system for Google Play to become more competitive with the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Android developers currently earn less money than their Apple counterparts, and the ease of purchasing apps — or lack thereof — is a contributing reason to that statistic. It is unknown when Google will launch their social gaming app for Android, and a company spokesperson refused to comment on the matter.

Imagine you’re sitting on an airplane, and your iPhone suddenly explodes in your hands. That’s exactly what happened last November, when an iPhone was left shattered and glowing red after self-combusting on an airplane that had just touched down in Sydney, Australia. The incident raised discussions about the safety of these batteries on flights, since this was a dangerous situation that could easily be repeated purposefully for the wrong reasons. But, the cause of the problem is probably not what you would expect.

Australian government officials have concluded their investigation of the incident, and have determined that the cause of the combustion was due to a loose screw that managed to puncture the iPhone’s battery after a faulty screen replacement procedure by an unauthorized service center.

The loose screw made its way to the battery casing and punctured it, which created a short circuit and caused the battery to overheat. Thankfully, nobody was hurt on the airplane; however, it is still a big reminder of the dangers that can be associated with carrying electronic equipment on flights. Do you fly with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad?