Lady Gaga Sings New Song on ‘The Simpsons’ Finale !!!

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Fashion, Lady Gaga, Music, Technology
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Lady Gaga sends off ‘The Simpsons’ finale with a new song!

Lady Gaga made an animated appearance on the season finale of ‘The Simpsons’ last night. Complete with at least 20 outfit changes during the show, Gaga penned and performed a song specifically for the show that honors Little Monsters in make-believe Springfield and beyond. Donning a dress made out of her Grammy awards she sang ‘Lisa Simpson Superstar.’

The song starts out, “When they’re young, all little monsters learn that they are scary. Ugly, stupid, shunned by Cupid, overweight and hairy.” The catchy song is both hilarious and inspiring at the same time.

During the episode, Mother Monster helps Lisa Simpson get her groove back after she is voted the least popular student at the assembly. Gaga senses that she is in distress, so she heads to Springfield for a show, so she can cheer Lisa up. In the end Lisa has to sing in order to become a Little Monster, so she does ‘Lisa Simpson Superstar’ with an assist from Gaga.

To hear the new Gaga song, check out the link in the description! We love that Gaga was a good sport and let the show poke some fun at her- but what do you think? Leave a comment!

Lady Gaga ‘Lisa Simpson Superstar’:


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