Did Lady Gaga finally marry the night? We’ve got your details on Lady Gaga’s engagement rumors.

Photographer to the stars, Terry Richardson, has been posting exclusive photos of Gaga’s ‘Born This Way Ball’ tour on his blog.

It’s no secret that Terry is a good friend of Gaga’s and he recently posted a new photo of Mother Monster with a diamond on her ring finger! The caption read, “Gaga showing off her new engagement ring.” In the photo, Gaga shows off her rainbow-hair and is pointing to the ring and smiling. So did Gaga finally keep good on her song promise and ‘Marry The Night’?

Since Gaga just broke up with Vampire Diaries’ Taylor Kinney, we’re guessing Terry Richardson is kidding with his photo caption. Unless Gaga has found herself a new man while on the road touring? We think Gaga is already married to her Little Monsters, and the ring symbolizes her love of her fans.

Mother Monster has expressed previously that things like marriage and kids will have to wait, and divorce is not an option for her. So we don’t think she would enter into an engagement lightly. Check out the rest of Terry Richardson’s Gaga photos on his blog, just click the link in the description. Tell us if YOU think Gaga is really engaged. See you next time Little Monsters!

Terry Richardson photo blog: http://www.terrysdiary.com/

  1. It’s a rumor – and thank God it is! I wouldn’t wanna see Gaga getting married just yet!

    “As Gaga revealed nothing about the ring herself (she’s gone all shy, remember), we were left to take Terry’s word. Alas, Terry THE BIG FIBBER was telling porkies: sources later confirmed to TMZ that the star hasn’t committed to a life of wedded bliss just yet.”

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