Facebook Launching Cross-Platform App Center !!!

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Apple New's, Fashion, Funny, Game's, Health, Samsung, Technology
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Facebook has officially introduced App Center, a cross-platform app discovery system that allows for developers to grow their apps and create opportunities to become more successful. Over the next few weeks, the App Center will be available on the web and built into the Facebook apps for iOS and Android. The App Center will be the central place for discovering the best social apps on Facebook, with each app getting its own detailed page.

Well-designed, quality apps will receive much of the spotlight on App Center, based on user ratings and engagement, while apps that receive poor ratings will not be displayed. Interestingly, the App Center will link to iOS and Android apps on the App Store and Google Play respectively, so long as they implement the Facebook login feature. This benefits Apple and Google since users are being directed to purchase apps on their respective platforms, while Facebook gets to promote its social network and hinder the growth of competing services like Twitter.

In addition to in-app purchases, Facebook is rolling out a new beta feature that will allow for developers to release paid apps on the social network. This would consist of users paying a one-time, flat rate fee to access the desired app on Facebook. While the days of apps being entirely free on Facebook might be coming to a close, hopefully developers will focus on releasing higher quality apps now that they are attaching a dollar amount to them.


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