Look Out, iCloud: Here Comes Samsung !!!

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Apple New's, Fashion, Funny, Game's, Music, Technology, Wallpaper's

Apple’s biggest rival right now, Samsung, is rumored to be entering the cloud storage business. But, is it too little, too late? According to South Korean newspaper Maeil Business, the consumer electronics maker is rumored to release its S-Cloud service alongside the launch of the Galaxy S III smartphone. But, as pointed out by Gizmodo, it really doesn’t make all that much sense at this point. Wagner criticizes iCloud in his rant, too, and this is why…

S-Cloud will be an apparently unlimited service—though that sounds like it’ll apply to the bandwidth, not the storage—and also have an on-demand store, in case the Google Play store isn’t enough for you. Which [is] great? But all these OEM cloud services are totally out of hand. Even iCloud, which makes a little more sense since it’s across a whole platform, not just one brand of the platform, isn’t as useful as cross-everything services like Dropbox.

Which cloud storage service do you use? Do you prefer to use services like Dropbox or Box over iCloud, or does Apple’s cloud storage offering suit your needs?


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