Check Out the Coffee Smart Cover !!!

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Apple New's, Fashion, Funny, Game's, Music, Technology
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The Smart Cover is a rather nice accessory for your iPad, new or old. It protects the display, automatically wakes the device, and looks nice while doing so. All of this is great, but does it have a scent? Well, not a distinguishable one, though we could always give it one couldn’t we? Simeon of Two Lives Left, the developer of Codea for iPad, had a brilliant idea after his leather Smart Cover started to wear out — stain it with coffee! Read on for some details on his little experiment.


First, Simeon whipped up a double shot of espresso using fresh coffee beans and brushed the coffee into his tan leather cover using a pastry brush. Next, he let it sit for a few minutes to dry a bit, patting it with a paper towel to insure that the cover wasn’t dripping wet. Once this was finished, Simeon decided that the cover was not yet dark enough and gave it a few more good doses of delicious espresso with caffeine. After that, he scrubbed it thoroughly with an old tea towel — the texture was now “more pleasing,” but Simeon still felt it “wasn’t right.”

So he went a step further, grinding up some coffee and rubbing in the grounds with his fingers, wondering “what on earth [the action] would actually achieve.” At the end of this process, Simeon wiped away the granules to discover that his idea had actually paid off and the cover now looked quite nice. “It has dulled a little since taking these, but I still like it more than the original tan colour,” said Simeon at the end of his blog post.

Now be honest, wasn’t that the best thing you’ve ever heard of someone doing to their Smart Cover?



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