LG developed a “smart smartphone” ???

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Apple New's, Fashion, Funny, Game's, Music, Technology
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LG is not for a while among the most popular mobile manufacturers but that does not mean that new devices are developed by the company. Moreover, the company is tryingto reinvent itself and LG mobile division director, Kwon Bong-suk said in a recent interview that at present the company is trying to develop a “smart smartphone”. To illustrate the aforesaid notion.Director said that LG engineers working on a smartphoneshould be able to think for themselves and for example a user to wake up half an hourearlier to go to work but that after he checked traffic conditions and found that the normalroute would be covered in more time.

The idea of the LG is interesting and they say that innovation should not come fromApple and other companies because there are perfectly able to do so. Concept which isdeveloped based on smart phone seems to be interesting but hardly useful in manycountries around the world if you rely on services such as mentioned above. Basically LGtrying to implement artificial intelligence in mobile phones but do not know how successful will be if everything works in the services unavailable anywhere in the world.

What do you think of LG’s ideas?

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