Lady Gaga To Appear In ‘Men In Black III’ !!!

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Apple New's, Fashion, Funny, Game's, Music, Technology
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Lady Gaga is known for her bizarre stunts and costumes, so it’s no surprise that she has a cameo in a movie about Secret Service agents who fight space creatures.
Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are reprising their alien-battling roles, and Will recently talked to Brazilian website about the flick.
“We have a couple of celebrity cameos, but I think I cannot reveal who they are,” Smith said. He then added: “We must keep as a surprise that Lady Gaga appears.” Oh, ok. It’s a surprise, according to Will Smith’s interview with the media. So, you know, don’t tell anyone y’all.
Michael Jackson made a cameo in the last ‘MIB’ sequel. But the upcoming movie is rumored to have an even more celebrity-packed cast, which includes: Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson, Jemaine Clement, Bill Hader and Nicole Scherzinger. The film is set to be released in May.

Meanwhile, Gaga is set to visit Harvard University today, along with Oprah Winfrey and spiritual leader Deepak Chopra. The event is for launching the singer’s Born this Way Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to promoting gay rights and putting an end to bullying.
The nonprofit says it seeks to “foster a more accepting society, where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated.”
Gaga started it amid the news of a New York teenager’s suicide last year. The teen was harassed over his sexual orientation, and Gaga wrote on her Twitter that “bullying must become illegal.”


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