The New iPhone will have a ORGANIC BATTERY !?!

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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According to NEC, the incorporation of the circuit board offers 0.3mm thickness as the exterior material to cover the battery, by making use of polymer film of 0.05mm thickness. The Organic Radical battery is incredible which is resistant to repeated charging and discharging of high output. The capacity of the battery is 3mAh and the output is rated at 5kW/L. Most interestingly, even after 500 charge-discharge cycles the battery maintains 75 per cent of the charge. Apple is expected to use the mesmerising ORB in its iPhone 6.
NEC is “organic radical battery” features such as secondary battery having a thin, bendable (Note 1) in, has developed the ultra-thin battery that can be built into the 0.3mm thickness (0.76mm thickness standard) IC card . Organic radical battery, taking advantage of features not found in other secondary battery can be charged, beginning with, such as high-speed and high output of thin, flexible, lithium-ion batteries, such as electronic paper and to the sophistication of IC card Applying is expected. However, traditional thinning is the limit is 0.7mm, applied to the IC card having a standard thickness of 0.76mm was difficult. This time, The integration of the circuit board and battery by using a printing technology, we have achieved a 0.3mm thickness equal to or less than 1/2 compared with conventional. This has been achieved, such as and may be mounted on the IC card and the screen display function that requires a large power, communication function, advanced encryption processing functions, to apply to a wide range of applications. Features of the battery has been developed is as follows.


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