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Posted: March 29, 2012 in Fashion
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2010, The New York Times dubbed Audrey Louise Reynolds the “fashion world’s artisanal fabric dyer.” An appropriate title for the Brooklyn-based organic dye maker—from Pamela Love to Rogan to Wendy Nichol, she has created one-of-a-kind batches for a slew of fashion brands (Bodkin, the label by former Nylon editor Eviana Hartman and Samantha Pleet, included— caught on to Reynolds’ work for the Brooklyn brand back in 2008). Her latest dye job? A limited-edition, hand-painted pair of jeans for New York denim label Courtshop.


We noticed a Gaultier moment was brewing and decided to build our own collection through various collectors from around the world, most of whom were women who had their fashion heydays in the eighties and nineties,” Decades founder and co-owner Cameron Silver tells of his latest project—a sale of vintage and couture Gaultier and YSL pieces, launching today on Decade’s Web site. The inspiration for the sale? The retrospectives of each designer, both opening this weekend, YSL at the Denver Museum of Art and Gaultier at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. “We’ve been collecting Jean Paul Gaultier for months!” adds Decades co-owner Christos Garkinos.

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