In Living Color: A Makeup Adventure

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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ImageFor years, Claire Gutierrez rarely thought about cosmetics, but when she was offered the chance to amp up her look, she learned her relationship with makeup—and her face—was more complicated than she realized. She confesses:

It started so innocently, my makeup makeover, just another editor and I confiding to each other how little we knew about cosmetics. I’d marveled when I saw L. made up for an evening event and asked who had done her makeup. She laughed—she had, with just blush, mascara, and foundation. More than that she wouldn’t know how to do, she confessed, but I admitted I knew even less. Work, running errands, a wedding—my face always looked the same. I didn’t know how to change it; I’d never really learned. What I didn’t realize was that she rarely wore makeup, while she didn’t realize that I always did—or at least foundation. Only a few days later, she and another editor approached me with a question: Would I like to learn about makeup? How to even out your skin tone, say, or how to do your face for a night out? I’d sit with renowned makeup artists who would teach me tricks of the trade. I’d plunder ELLE’s beauty closet and have access to any product I wanted. And, as if that weren’t enough, I’d travel to Florence, where the launch of Roberto Cavalli’s eponymous fragrance would give me a glitzy occasion to try everything I’d learned.



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