iPhone 4 Explodes in Colorado

Posted: March 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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About 6:30am, she awoke to to a strange smell and “sizzling” and “popping” noises. Then came “not quite an explosion, but an immense crackling,” as the room filled with smoke. “It was an awful, putrid smell, almost like you were ingesting plastic of some kind,” she said in a phone interview. She jumped from bed and used her laptop case to pick up the phone and throw it in the hotel room sink. The hotel smoke alarms failed to work, she said. An electrician found nothing wrong with the room’s power outlet. She said she bought the white iPhone 4 about a year ago at an Apple store in Colorado.

The woman said she came to Mashable because of Apple’s unwillingness to publicly acknowledge the incident to other iPhone owners. “It’s so important for me to have people know about this,” she said. “They’re giving me the classic corporate runaround, and I understand and respect that. But people knowing about this is the most important thing to me.” “I would have liked to have seen them say they understand this might not be something that affects everyone,” the woman said. “But, because it happened here, [they should] put up a precautionary statement to make people aware that if their battery becomes too hot to be wary.”






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